Monday, August 3, 2009

International Campaign for Better Relations , Part 4

On several evenings we presented different movies, projected on a large white wall of one of the municipal buildings. The first movie was "Luther," followed by "The End of the Spaear," and topped by the "Jesus" film. The night of the Jesus film, all 100 seats were filled with visitors. At the end of each showing we had a short testimony of God's changes in the life of one of the team members.

We were also able to put together a basketball tournament in which 45 young people participated. This gave us an opportunity to reach out to the teenage and young adult strata of Baeza. We'll have more opportunities to talk when we give them each a photo of their team.

The city of Baeza cooperated with us at the highest levels - from the mayor to the councilperson in charge of Social Affairs, to her executive secretary, and even the environmental impact department. Because of their support, we were able to carry out all of our activities with complete liberty and help with logistics. They even offered us free-of-chrage the municipal guest facilities for the team to stay in. In a public ceremony, the mayhor presented a plaque to the Decision Team and the Ubeda church for their efforts in the campaign!

By the way, we made the newspaper for a third article!

And thanks to the municipal offices, we were able to celebrate a service of thanksgiving to God in a local auditorium - the ruins of the San Francisco chapel. This was our first church service n Baeza!

We're following up this activity, and the campaign, through a weekly Bible study in our apartment. It's actually called a "Dialogue Group," in which the attendees feel free to expres their own ideas and doubts, and find answers to their questions in the Bible. We held the first study on Friday, July 24th, with two attendees. We hope in the future to gather enough followers of Jesus to celebrate a weekly service here in Baeza.

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