Monday, August 3, 2009

International Campaign for Better Relations , Part 3

We also celebrated a Bible school under the name of "Bible Festival." Several Christian moral values were stressed, and the stories all taught the love of God through Jesus.

Every day for a whole week children came following the clowns, and participating in activities such as: puppets, music, Bible classes, handicrafts, photos with the clowns, and, of course, a snack table. The photos taken with the clowns provided an opportunity for team members to visit the homes of the children, to give them the photos, and talk with their parents. Several older folks arrived every day at the classes - without any children! They came to sit, observe, and talk. That provided us with a group of people we could talk to about Jesus!

By the way, the "Festival" will continue on into the fall as a Saturday afternoon activity, produced and presented by the Ubeda church youth group.

We were able to bring a Christian flamenco group called "Enkalma" to present a concert. As a further drawing card, we asked the local Multiple Sclerosis Association to charge an entry fee of E2.00, for their own benefit. The group presented a clear message of God's love through Jesus.

And, we made the newspaper again!

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rsctt603 said...

sounds great!...continue to fight the good fight!