Monday, August 3, 2009

International Campaign for Better Relations, part 1

Young people gathered from all over Spain, the USA and even South Korea under the name of “Decision, Spain,” to celebrate a campaign to present Jesus Christ through activities of community interest. In total, there were 55 young people, among them 20 members of the church in Ubeda.

The team members were divided into small groups to allow for Bible study and prayer each day. Leaders were chosen among the young people, encouraging them to develop skills in leading groups. We used a series of booklets on discipleship from Navigators.

Our first activity was a blood-drive. Through personally delivered printed flyers and the example of the team members, several citizens of Baeza were motivated to donate blood. Approximately 50 people showed up, of which 37 were able to give 435 ml each. This represents the largest-ever response to a blood-drive in Baeza! We even made the local newspaper!

All the activities had the goal of investing in the community, providing a needed service, and reaching out to them with god's love and Jesus' gift of salvation. at each event the team members were encouraged to mingle and talk with the participants, observers, and bystanders.

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