Monday, August 3, 2009

International Campaign for Better Relations, part 2

We used a questionnaire to engage the attendees at the different events. One questionnaire related to the Bible, and the other to a christian TV show. These encounters often led to an opportunity to share the gospel. 28 people expressed a desire to continue talking about God; and of those, 7 expressed a desire to accept Jesus as their savior.

Dustin Kelm, world champion unicyclist, brought his collection of unicycles to give us an exhibition of daring-do. Among his cycles were a simple wheel, and cycles of 3-foot, 4 1/2-foot and 10-foot heights. His combination of short testimony with different acts kept the crowd alert, and we were able to share the gospel with many people.

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R Cook said...

Hey, where's your unicycle??? Oh, don't tell me ... you ran into something and tore it up??

Good info on your blog ... I feel good if I can just add a few photos once a month ... once a year?